Life Update: To New Beginnings

It’s been about two weeks since I last wrote a blog post, frankly, I had a lot on my mind, but there wasn’t anything I wanted to write about. Between the political events that have been occurring here in the United States, to what’s happening in my personal life. There’s just a lot. While many have ran to social media to express their anger at the recent events here in the United States, I’ve decided to just process what’s happening on my own and to deal with the sadness.

Now, that I have had the time to process, I can now process the fact that in about a week I am moving to Czech Republic. Yup, you’ve read that right. I am moving from my beloved home and city, New York, to the old continent. I have accepted a place at a university in Brno, Czech Republic, where I will be obtaining my masters degree. I am more than ecstatic to be going to Europe and actually live there. This is a goal of mine which I have been manifesting literally since I was sixteen-years-old. Continue reading “Life Update: To New Beginnings”


Eating Habits: Journey To My Pescaterian/Vegetarian Diet

At the tender age of nine, I flirted with the idea of leaving meat behind. I actually disliked the taste of meat, but my mother would not have any of it, with good reason though. I did not like meat, but I also was not very keen on vegetables besides beets and cucumbers. As a nine-year-old, I loved sweets of any kind and white rice. That was about it.

Fast foward to my college years…

My freshman year of college as I was meeting new people from different parts of the country and the world, I found that many were vegetarians and vegans–more vegetarians, though. I thought that was insane. I mean who would want to give up bacon?!

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Consumer Activism: Just Another “Feel Good” Entitlement Act?

We all want the world to change, yet we don’t like to make sacrifices. Thoughts such as, “we don’t have to change, companies just need to do better” or “if we demand better products then companies will be more ethical” are actually misleading.

Many millennials, in order to cope with the harsh realities of life, blame corporations for human exploitation, climate change on mankind, and so on. Few like to accept their own role and contribution. Corporations and businesses wouldn’t be able to make a profit in the first place if there wasn’t anyone to buy these products. Instead of consuming less, Americans and other Westerners alike, demand for more “ethical” products in order to continue consuming, guilt free of course.

In fact, consumers are so aware that companies are advertising themselves as “ethical”, “eco-friendly”, and “sustainable” that if a business does not advertise themselves as such, they pout and cry and proceed to call for the boycott of the said business.

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How Are The Millennials? Anxious.

I wonder if during the Cold War, the period where Americans thought that every Russian was named Ivan or Sasha, experienced an overwhelming anxiety over the thought that their lives along with the rest of the world could blow up to a million pieces. Obviously Americans were anxious, there are endless academic articles describing the American identity during the Cold War, and the everyday life of the American. However, Americans continued going to work, creating families, and building their lives.

Now, I know many things have changed since the Cold War, or it seems like it has, but we millennials seem to think that the world is on fire. You can ride the subway and overhear twenty-year-olds express how, “their job is giving them anxiety” and how “it’s just too much”. Our boss gives us anxiety, going out shopping gives us anxiety, reading the news gives us anxiety, even taking care of our own goldfish gives us anxiety. Quite frankly, I sometimes catch the anxiety bug from time to time. This usually happens when there’s a lot I have to do, but I decide to wallow in the pettiness and the small things in my life. Thankfully, I am always able to shake the bug off.

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